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We would like to welcome you all in EPITOME, our courses are trained by professionals who specialise in developing and nurturing individuals specific talents.

You will enjoy the ethos, friendship, environment and student-centred communication that our cultural diversity brings to help make learning fun as you pursue your goals.

This handbook is designed as your guide to the Institute and its services. Please read it carefully to ensure that you understand what is expected of you and what to expect from us.


To plan and manage the whole spectrum of study programmes effectively in order to gain a competitive advantage to the benefit of the students and the institute.

To effectively support the academic and administration departments of the Institute.

To manage and maintain the infrastructure so as to support all users.



Course payment (full or part as agreed) must be received before the admission acknowledgement letter is issued. Your enrolment creates a legally binding agreement between you and the institute.


EPITOME computing services provide students with a variety of upgraded facilities to aid research in all disciplines at the institute. The IT provision ranges from standard office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic and Database such as Oracle and SQL Server etc.

Access to the Internet, email, and many external resources are available from all networked PCs located in the institute. Students have access to computer facilities and computer lab as indicated in the institute timetable.

N.B. Students are not permitted to install their own programs on any computer at Institute without written authority from the academic department.


Attendance of students is mandatory and essential. Non-attendance is strictly monitored by the Institute.

Non-attendance causes unnecessary class disruption for faculties/trainer and other students. Strict action will be taken against those who are continually absent from classes.

Institutes Policy: Phone call will be made to the Students/Guardians after two consecutive day’s absence unless prior notification has been given to the Institute.

Students must attend all classes as time-tabled, and must notify the institute staff for reasons of absence. If you are ill, you must contact the institute as soon as possible. If you are absent due to illness, for three or more consecutive days, you must produce a doctor’s certificate or other suitable evidence on your return. Your Doctor will provide these.

It is essential that you try and maintain regular contact with the institute during your absence.

EPITOME operates a strictly No-Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the institute building. This includes the kitchen area and toilets.


Students and Visitors

Work safely and effectively, and with due regard to the effects and impact of any action on others. In particular, no action (or inaction) should cause harm to another person or persons.
2. Comply with all statutory regulations, institute rules and standard operating procedures.
Use all equipment and facilities provided in the correct manner, and immediately report any unsafe conditions or defects found.
4. Participate, where required, in health and safety programmes.
5. Have an attitude of awareness and commitment to excellence in health and safety.


It is recognised that complaints can arise when a student is unhappy about their personal situation regarding their course, or in their dealings with other students or with staff, and that a speedy resolution of such complaint is in the interests of all concerned.

This procedure aims to bring about the rapid resolution of complaints, without, recourse to formal proceedings wherever possible. It applies to all students of the Institute.

Nothing in this procedure impinges on the legal rights or obligations of students. Complaints will be regarded as confidential but you must be aware that individuals concerned will need to be interviewed if the complaint is to be resolved.

Complaints which are anonymous or based on rumour cannot be investigated. The Institute reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student whose complaint is found to be based on false allegations.


Stage 1 (Maximum of two days)
The complainant tries to resolve the problem by informal conversation with the person/s involved.

Problem still unresolved

Stage 2 (Maximum of two days)
All parties involved should submit written details of the complaint to concern authority.

Problem still unresolved

Stage 3 (Maximum of two days)
The involved parties must communicate through mail or phone to the higher authority.


EPITOME is committed to deliver the highest standard of best educational services with the cooperation of professionally qualified faculty/trainer. The institute takes pride in its students and has their best interests at heart and remains empathetic towards their academic and social responsibilities.

EPITOME education is a unique experience! At whatever stage you join us, the successful completion of your course will mean that you have gained the new skills required to enhance independent thought, analysis and action. Mock exams and regular class assessments are set in order to monitor your academic progress.

On all courses, you will be asked to undertake regular assessments. These could take the form of examinations, assignments, group project work etc. Assessments vary according to the programme of study and are important in monitoring individual progress.

All assessments should consist of student input and analysis. Students are reminded that plagiarism is not acceptable.

We expect all students to:

Be able to present their own ideas in their own words.
Be able to apply critique to these ideas in order to produce sound arguments.
Be able to analyse, evaluate, discuss and summarise others work using their own words and examples.

By so doing, students will have the opportunity to show an understanding of the material and that they are capable of using such material in practical application.


If you copy work for assessments, it defeats the whole purpose of the time and money spent on your studies. If your faculty/trainer mark work that you have copied, remember that it is not your progress that will be evaluated, but that of someone else. Thus, their comments will not help you improve and fulfil your own potential.

Copying assessments breaches academic integrity in a fundamental way and constitutes a grave breach of regulations and the Institute will take the necessary disciplinary action.

Plagiarism occurs where someone else’s work is passed on as your own and is therefore one of the most serious acts of deception that anyone in academic life can be accused of.

For this reason, if you are found to have copied the works of others, you can expect heavy penalties to be imposed on you.

At the very least, you will receive no marks for the assessment, which may in turn produce a fail mark for the entire associated unit.

In extreme cases, plagiarism may result in permanent dismissal from the Institute. Such an act will also be recorded in the institute which, in future, could have a negative impact on your academic and career prospects.


References also give added weight and authority to what you are writing.

An increasing and accessible source of information for assessment purposes is the World Wide Web. It is important that these electronic sources are cited as part of the referencing process.

Specific regulations vary amongst subjects and you will be introduced to them at a very early stage in your course and must ensure that you follow them. The Institute is committed to ensuring that its academic integrity and standards of academic awards are secure and encourages appropriate use technology by academic department to combat plagiarism.


EPITOME is committed to retain personal data about students in order to monitor their performance, progress and achievements. Data collected must be accurate in order for it to be used fairly and stored safely for administrative and regulatory purposes.

In addition, personal data required and collected will be adequate and will not be kept longer than is necessary for its purpose.

Student obligations

Students must ensure that all personal data provided to the institute is accurate and up to date. They must ensure that changes of address etc. are forwarded to the authority immediately.
Students, who may, from time to time, process personal data as part of their studies must notify their faculty/trainer, who should inform the concern authority.

Data security

Personal data will be secured and personal information is not disclosed either orally or in writing or via Web pages or by any other means, accidentally or otherwise, to any unauthorised third party. Unauthorised disclosure will merit disciplinary action, and may be considered gross misconduct in some cases.
Personal information will be kept in a locked filing cabinet, drawer, or safe, or if it is computerised, be coded, encrypted or password protected both on a local hard drive and on a network drive that is regularly backed up; and if a copy is kept on other removable storage media, that media will itself be kept in a locked filing cabinet, drawer, or safe.

Right to access information

All staff, students and other users is entitled to know what information the Institute holds and processes about them, and know how to gain access to information and know how to keep it up to date and know what EPITOME is doing to comply with its obligations.
The institute will, upon request, provide all staff and students and other relevant users with a statement regarding the personal data held about them.
All staff, students and other users have a right to access certain personal data being kept about them either on computer or in files.


What is the Student Welfare service?

The Student Welfare service is aimed at those students who experience personal problems and have nobody to talk to.

EPITOME offers:

Someone who will listen.
Someone who will suggest advice and offer support.
General Information.
Job Support.

The Student Welfare service is available to students who may be experiencing problems such as difficulties with coursework, problems settling in, homesickness, bullying, financial difficulties, health issues, family problems, abuse.

Who to talk to?

The Counsellor
The Concern Authority.

The privacy and confidentiality of the student will be respected at all times.
Reasons to join Epitome?
  • Students get Individual login in Android as well as in windows platform.
  • E-Books.
  • Self–learning video Tutorials
  • Mock Examination
  • Online Examination
  • Digital Marksheet (in printable format)
  • QR code authenticated Digital Certificate (in printable format)
  • Affordable Fees Structure
  • Flexible Time Table
  • Value added training with practical approach by Experienced Faculties
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